Childhood Obesity


Trade in that Soda for Milk or Water!

Soda and sugary soft drinks are viewed by many as contributing to obesity and its related health problems. Yale researchers reviewed all current research articles published on this topic – 88 reports in all – to see if drinking soda and sugary soft drinks is related to poor nutrition and bad health outcomes.

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Bright Bodies

Children in New Haven and throughout the United States are getting heavier. Too much weight gain can bring health problems in early adulthood. The Bright Bodies program focuses on
empowering the family to improve their health by teaching skills for smart eating and increased activity.

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Judge the Box by Its Cover!

You’ve heard it hundreds of times: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is especially true for children. Children who eat breakfast are able to think better in school and are less likely to be overweight. Ready-to-eat cold cereals are commonly served to children.